Who Books A Van?

You may be wondering “who books a van”?

Well, the answer is: Anyone with a group of people to move!

Corporate Groups…

You may have a group of people that you need to move for your company:

  • Tours for guests
  • Employee Transportation
  • Take clients to visit a supplier
  • Shuttle for executives
  • etc

Really, the opportunities to utilize a vehicle like this is pretty endless.  The good news is that now you can get one in Northern Ontario!  We are licenced to charter out of most of Northern Ontario, and also Toronto and Ottawa.  So we have a vast opportunity to meet our clients needs for professional transportation.

Tourist Operators…

We have been getting more calls recently from fishing lodges and resorts in Northern Ontario who have guests visiting from other countries.  These resorts want to attract certain visitors but have a hard time arranging transportation to get them here.  We can help!  We can pick up groups at airports in Northern Ontario, or we can make life really easy and pick up your clients right at Toronto Pearson and bring them straight to your door.  This makes their trip very easy as they don’t have to wait for or find a connecting flight.  It also makes it much cheaper for them as it can be expensive to fly north.  Our van is comfortable and they will get to see some of our beautiful country on the pleasant drive up to your resort.  Check in with us and find out what we can do for you!

Airport Shuttles…

We can transfer your group from where you are to the airport.  Whether you are just going across town in North By, Ontario (where we are located) or if you need to transfer from North Bay, Sudbury, Timmins, New Liskeard to Pearson or Ottawa airports – or vice versa.  We can take you where you need to go 24 hours a day! And we can work for anyone who needs to move people, whether it is a large family, an organization, a business, doesn’t matter.  Give us a call!

Group Transfers…

Maybe you just need to get a bunch of people to a meeting or to another city for an event.  We can do that.  Whatever your needs are, we can move your people.  We can drop you off, return for you later, stay with your group – anything you need!